Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence testing

Increase confidence in business data!

Just imagine that you make a business critical decision based on the report with technical errors... How much this decision will cost?

As complexity is growing in IT Industry, quality assurance holds the higher stakes in helping business make insightful and more intelligent decisions. The quality of a Business Intelligence solution is only as good as the quality of the data it provides and the value of findings it delivers. 

Improper quality of such applications can lead to:

  • Increased cost associated with the late detection of software defects
  • Additional costs of using incorrect data to make critical business decisions
  • Business critical data loss
  • Loss of trust in enterprise data and reporting information

Testing a Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) solution is vital to ensure information accuracy, reporting efficiency and data security.

ScienceSoft offers DW/BI testing services that help customers implement solutions with added confidence. Our testing team utilizes a data-centric testing approach to ensure that valid and correct data are in the system and these data fulfill business requirements.

DW/BI testing is divided into different phases so that the focus can shift phase by phase:

data warehouse

Data Warehouse / ETL testing

Testing team verifies that data moved from a source to the target and the transformation rules have been applied as expected.

Report (BI) testing

Verification of drilling (drill down, drill through), sorting and export functions of the reports. Includes testing of different data sets (different regions, periods of time) and usability testing.
performance testing

Load and Performance testing

Validate the performance and scalability of the system under different loads, the possibility to store historical data for several years.

Important features of DW/BI applications that we consider while creating tests:

data warehouse / BI testing
  • Complex architecture and business logic
  • Large volumes and complexity of data
  • Data selection from multiple data sources
  • Inconsistent and constantly expanding data in a DW
  • Alterations in source databases
  • Changes in business requirements

In addition to testing, our QA team actively participates in requirement gathering and design phase to avoid any errors from the very beginning.

Why ScienceSoft team?

  • In-depth knowledge of BI/DW concepts and technology (experience since 1989)
  • Good understanding of database principles
  • Ability to “talk” to business users
  • Experience in testing of complex data warehousing architectures
  • Ability to perform testing that is not visual or easily tangible
  • Domain expertise 
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