Testing Case Studies

A software testing and QA vendor with 31 years of experience and 730+ successfully completed projects, we apply our know-how to help businesses deliver high-quality software on time and within budget.

We validate functionality, performance, usability, compliance, and other aspects of software, balancing manual testing and test automation. Businesses from healthcare, ecommerce, banking, professional services, manufacturing, and other domains already enjoy the benefits brought by quality applications validated by ScienceSoft.

Check out some of our projects below, and if you haven’t found a project similar to yours, don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance.

ScienceSoft automated testing of a SaaS vCIO software for a US leading MSP coaching company. Despite the tight time frames, ScienceSoft helped the Customer ensure superior and consistent user experience while working with their SaaS software.

ScienceSoft’s testing team provided comprehensive testing of 2 image processing desktop applications for a European product company delivering powerful image processing software for professional photographers, amateurs and manufacturers of photography equipment.

Full-scale testing and technical support of a multi-faceted ERP system integrated with a BI module during long-term partnership with a European country’s major retail & wholesale brand.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed end-to-end functional testing and non-functional testing of a cloud-based citizen service web application for a European IT company providing online citizen service solutions for public sector. The web application required special attention of the testing team, as initially it had been tested by its developers only.

ScienceSoft tested an application for an international TV Everywhere provider powering major broadcasting companies throughout Europe and the USA.

ScienceSoft’s testing specialists performed functional and regression testing of the web application for mobile nursing service providers.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed thorough Agile testing of BGPB Mobile, an award-winning mobile banking app. With fruitful joint efforts of the developers, bank representatives and the testing team, this ambitious project has been on for 5+ years.

ScienceSoft helped in testing and localizing of the electronic toll collection system that covered 1,200 km of roads. The system launch was acknowledged as the most successful in comparison to that performed by the Customer in other countries.

A web-based platform for workforce management used by 100,000 clients and 25,000 professionals needed thorough testing to improve the system performance. Our QA team performed functional, regression and smoke testing to ensure that both web and mobile software ran like intended.

ScienceSoft performed automated testing of business-critical software for an international company providing insurance solutions and services. The test automation team managed to keep up with short test cycles while preserving high software quality. They successfully addressed the technical complexity of the microservices environment, testing in parallel with development and performed testing for complex application operations and large datasets.

ScienceSoft furnished QA consulting and testing services to a US provider of solutions for insurance claim estimation and helped the company to take the maturity of their QA processes from TMMi Level 1 to Level 3.

ScienceSoft’s team tested a system of three role-based web applications and a mobile web app, facilitating the process of car insurance claim estimation for a U.S. company.

We took a poorly developed online ERP system and turned it into a stable product to rock the market. Our QA consultant set up a smooth testing process and efficient cooperation with the developers. Together with our testing experts, ScienceSoft developers fixed 800 bugs to make the system run like clockwork.

Combining automated and manual tests, ScienceSoft verified the legacy and the modernized software product versions for a world leader in digital image editing and quality assessment. Our QA team created tests to implement checks through both Windows and macOS legacy and new UIs, and verified smooth integrations of the Customer’s product with third-party graphical editors.

ScienceSoft’s testing team improved the Customer’s automated functional testing process, performed automated functional testing with Appium and evaluated the performance of a secure messaging app for Android 5.0 and above and iOS 8.0 and above. As a result, the Customer reduced time and efforts needed for regression testing and rework, obtained enhanced Appium scripts for functional testing and valuable ideas for evaluating the app performance.

ScienceSoft’s team conducted code review, business consulting and redesign of a custom EHR application for a US local chiropractic care provider.

ScienceSoft carried out functional and integration testing of a web and a mobile application for a US provider of health information exchange solutions.

ScienceSoft’s automated testing team performed UI testing of an updated web application for a U. S. MSP training service provider. Applying progressive testing methods to address the project’s specifics, the team assured the UI quality and convenience in an efficient way.

ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team has performed end-to-end testing of a secure VoIP mobile app for a Persian Gulf leader in cyber security solutions, assuring that the app works nationwide and abroad.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed comprehensive testing of a new B2C e-store for a multi-industry company operating nationwide. Testing assured that the B2C e-store was fully functional and was successfully integrated with the Customer’s ERP, BI module and the B2B e-store created earlier.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed and full-cycle manual testing and QA (SCORM compatibility) of the new eLearning system for a European software development company that delivers custom LCMS solutions to various industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Education.

ScienceSoft delivered comprehensive testing of the Customer’s outdated MSP application to discover its performance issues and keep it as a temporary solution before developing a new MSP application.

Functional, regression and localization testing of a multilingual mobile app on iOS and Android for a major car racing events organizer with over a million subscribers across the world.

A success story of running continuous integration developing a large scale application on two platforms – Windows and Mac OS – to efficiently test a large amount of software (currently exceeding 400 files with 80,000+ lines of code) without attracting extra human resources.

ScienceSoft provided a multinational software development company with comprehensive QA consulting services, including QA project audit, QA processes set up, recovery measures, knowledge transfer and QA strategy development.

ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team performed end-to-end testing of a mobile app for a large company selling books and periodicals for all ages nationwide.

Functional, regressive, localization, remote testing and more for a major provider of mobile broadband solutions for telecoms around the globe.

ScienceSoft’s automated testing team successfully tested the briefing editor web application for a US-based SaaS company that enabled the company to edit briefings prepared for their clients. The team ran automated functional web application testing, including regression testing, in Protractor. As at the time the Customer migrated to the new CRM, the testing team also ran automated integration testing to make sure the briefing editor worked as expected in the new environment.

ScienceSoft provided a US healthcare service provider with comprehensive quality assesment of their patient portal. The assessment included vulnerability scanning, malware detection, penetration testing, source code and database consistency review.

ScienceSoft provided all-encompassing managed testing services of a new web store integrated with CRM solution and a data warehouse into one ecosystem developed for a US multi-industry corporation.

ScienceSoft rendered managed testing services to a US company providing software solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, and assisted living organizations.

ScienceSoft performed functional and localization testing of a SharePoint intranet for an international telecommunications and media company, and validated the migration of data from the legacy platform.

ScienceSoft performed user experience audit for the website of a US mobile operator and revealed the problems that negatively affected the user experience.

ScienceSoft’s manual testing team successfully performed MS Dynamics CRM testing for an international provider of software for car manufacturing enterprises and car dealers. Manual testing of MS Dynamics CRM module comprised thorough functional testing (including testing of the in-built search function), role-based access testing, component integration testing and localization testing.

Full-cycle testing of a Dynamics-based CRM product for a multinational enterprise software provider to car dealers, manufacturers and importers.

ScienceSoft’s experts delivered a full-cycle testing service for a 50-year experience software and hardware supplier. By introducing test automation on such a complex project, our team improved product test coverage by saving time for additional manual test scenarios execution.

ScienceSoft's automated testing team ran performance testing to assure that the Customer's intranet and extranet applications were ready to go live and handle high load. The team detected several bottlenecks that were eliminated, giving the Customer the green light to launch the software.

In 2016, ScienceSoft tested the world’s leading market research e-store for compatibility with Android and iOS mobile screens. UI testing, performance testing, load testing, user isolation testing and (partly) regression testing were performed within the project. In addition to requested bug reports related to mobile use, ScienceSoft’s team detected some desktop bugs, as well as suggested some extra website enhancements.

ScienceSoft testing team assured the compliance of TCIM, a part of IBM TIvoli Software, with the high IBM standards. We performed system tests of the product on the environment close to the Customer's as much as possible as well as extended performance, security, functional and internalization tests.

ScienceSoft provided a full-cycle testing and QA service for an IT company. In less than a month, our team prepared the customer’s business modeling software for the Microsoft Platform Test which allowed them to become a Certified Microsoft Partner. The solution included smoke testing, regression testing and automated test framework.

ScienceSoft provided a European mobile app development company with smoothly operating automation of regression testing. The testing was automated with the Appium framework for the company to easily launch the automated testing process for both iOS and Android.

ScienceSoft delivered the full cycle of testing services for the international provider of integrated marketing solutions. Our team introduced smoke test automation on the Customer’s unique advertising campaign platform. The solution was applied to the whole system, it’s easy to maintain and flexible enough to fit existing or further projects.

ScienceSoft provided an IT company with a full-cycle testing service. Our team has implemented a set of test cases and browser-based automated regression tests, covering each feature and function. The solution made the system reliable and allowed smooth new features adding.

ScienceSoft tested a personnel planning system for a child care organization. The solution covers such activities as scheduling and planning work time, planning vacation, and registering medical certificates.

ScienceSoft carried out the functional and automated testing on Data Viewer SharePoint component for the Customer, a provider of SharePoint-based software and the Microsoft Certified Partner. The team validated data setup and data mapping according to configuration of the component, checked data sorting and filtering in the component. The Customer also received a robust, flexible and scalable framework to test the end user part.

ScienceSoft’s team developed an automation system that ensured effective performance and positive user experience.

ScienceSoft’s team performed the full-cycle testing of the customer's product and made valuable suggestions for improvement.

COVID-19 – An update to our clients
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
Stay safe and healthy,
Nikolay Kurayev,
Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft