SIEM Case Studies

The success stories we share below testify our competence in guarding our customers’ data with full-scale security information and event management. An IBM Partner, we proactively detect security incidents for our customers from a range of industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, public sector, retail, telecoms, and others. Look through our projects and don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance if you haven’t found a project similar to yours.

ScienceSoft implemented and customized IBM Security QRadar SIEM for one of the US states' government. The solution enabled permanent collection and analysis of events coming from log sources of more than 70 state agencies.

ScienceSoft implemented its proprietary QRadar tool QLEAN for a bank with 15+ mln clients and an extensive IT network.

ScienceSoft adjusted IBM Security QRadar SIEM to a Top 30 American bank’s network with new log sources and more precise offence detection.

ScienceSoft fine-tuned IBM QRadar SIEM for an American bank with more than $100 bn in total assets, adapting the solution to the Customer’s infrastructure, improving QRadar’s operability and performance.

A success story of helping a bank with $13.3 bn in total assets monitor and analyze over 1,000 security events per second throughout multiple bank's systems. ScienceSoft team of information security experts extended the out-of-the-box functionaly of IBM's first-class Security QRadar SIEM technology to ensure automated real-time monitoring across more than 44 bank's locations.

ScienceSoft was an outsourcing partner of IBM/Consul for the development of security audit software for enterprises and introduced a number of process improvements to speed up the project and reduce development efforts.

ScienceSoft deployed and configured a HIPAA-compliant IBM SIEM Security QRadar solution to the IT infrastructure of Saudi Arabia health organization with 2,000 employees. The software can process over 100 million medical transaction events per day.

ScienceSoft’s SIEM consultant provided design and implementation of QRadar system to enhance the Customer’s security posture.

Having purchased two IBM® Security QRadar solutions, the Customer decided to enhance it with ScienceSoft’s proprietary tool helping to optimize QRadar performance and detect its deviations

ScienceSoft team provided a thorough analysis of the system’s architecture for a $100 mln revenue petroleum and chemicals enterprise. The Customer was presented with a set of detailed reports covering the company infrastructure, business processes and dependencies as well as recommendations for SIEM product enhancement.

ScienceSoft accomplished a large-scale deployment and fine-tuning of QRadar solution with 140 connected log sources.

ScienceSoft has implemented a security project for a European bank. The project ensured well-timed detection of unsolicited access for the bank’s ATM network.

ScienceSoft carried out the project on IBM® Security QRadar® SIEM system installation and fine-tuning for an Asian bank to comply with PCI DSS.

ScienceSoft’s security consultants address the challenge of the Customer’s PCI DSS compliance deploying a custom SIEM solution to enhance network security protection.

ScienceSoft facilitated the Customer’s reaction to security offences with SMS gateway solution for IBM® Security QRadar® SIEM system.

ScienceSoft’s SIEM consultants developed two DR synchronization tools to back up the primary QRadar console.

A security information and event management solution capable of processing up to 700,000 medical transaction events per day. It provides log management capabilities, deep data analysis, and comprehensive customizable reports for a large US healthcare organization with the staff of more than 4,200.

ScienceSoft’s SIEM specialists performed an upgrade of the QRadar SIEM solution and data migration from the legacy SIEM to the upgraded one for a global distribution system provider.

ScienceSoft’s SIEM team successfully performed the audit and tuning of the IBM QRadar SIEM solution for a US public university.

ScienceSoft’s proprietary QRadar tool QLEAN is literally reaching for the stars. The product has become a valuable asset for a large aerospace entity unit enabling fast tuning of its QRadar SIEM system.

ScienceSoft’s team of SIEM experts held a QRadar SIEM system fine-tuning for a major American insurance company. The top-rank security solution assists in fending off the growing cyber threats and helps to protect the sensitive data of the company’s customers.

ScienceSoft’s security consultant provided a major US MSP with QLEAN (a QRadar tool for the platform's health check) customization.

The solid IBM security information (SIEM) solution for the UK Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission, processing 2,500 of Events per Second, provides log management capabilities, deep data analysis and comprehensive customizable reports.

ScienceSoft was involved in creating the Tivoli Compliance InSight Manager product, powering Ford, The New York Times, Kroger and more. The solution allows users to consolidate, normalize, analyze and report on vast amounts of user behavior and system activity. Organizations rely on the policy-based approach of InSight to simplify insider security auditing, compliance monitoring and enforcement for heterogeneous environments, ranging from super servers to the desktop.

ScienceSoft deployed and configured IBM QRadar SIEM for a telecommunication company. The project included creation of the architecture, Qradar implementation along with the development of uDSMs and custom LSXs for unsupported log sources

ScienceSoft delivered SIEM consulting services to a US-based cloud security provider. Our experts helped the Customer to develop the logic for its proprietary SIEM solution built upon 120+ correlation rules.

ScienceSoft configured and tuned IBM Security QRadar SIEM for a bank with $11+ billion assets thus enabling a proper identification of threats across the bank’s entire network.

ScienceSoft’s experts delivered a full-cycle testing service for a 50-year experience software and hardware supplier. By introducing test automation on such a complex project, our team improved product test coverage by saving time for additional manual test scenarios execution.

ScienceSoft testing team assured the compliance of TCIM, a part of IBM TIvoli Software, with the high IBM standards. We performed system tests of the product on the environment close to the Customer's as much as possible as well as extended performance, security, functional and internalization tests.

In collaboration with a major South-Asian system integrator, ScienceSoft tailored and сonducted trainings on QRadar SIEM for an Asian bank and governmental organization. Depending on the trainees’ QRadar experience, trainings offered Fundamentals and Advanced Training modules.

ScienceSoft built and implemented Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 27001 for the IT and R&D services company. ISMS ensures comprehensive approach to information security in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability as well as allows the Customer to stand out from competitors.

ScienceSoft team held an IBM QRadar SIEM deployment for a telecommunications provider. The top-notch security information system ensures an automatic and real-time analysis of the collected security events and a timely detection of suspicious activities. The installed solution also separates true threats from false alarms.

ScienceSoft fine-tuned IBM Security QRadar SIEM for an American company providing digital identity services across the USA. We configured out-of-the-box DSMs and developed a range of LSXs that allowed managing log events coming from custom applications.

COVID-19 – An update to our clients
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
Stay safe and healthy,
Nikolay Kurayev,
Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft