Mobile App Design & Development Case Studies

With 15 years of extensive experience in native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development and design, we implement high-quality mobile solutions. Our customers trust us to transform, extend, revitalize and evolve their businesses with our robust and intuitive mobile software.

A success story of a long-term partnership (over 5.5 years) which has brought the Customer to become one of the leading TV apps providers in the world. Created with ScienceSoft's help, the company's star product – hybrid mobile apps – now power T-Mobile, Orange and other telecom industry leaders.

An ambitious start-up commissioned ScienceSoft to create an instant messaging and VoIP app which now boasts over 900 mln active users across the globe.

A success story of bringing together mobile phones and portable devices to create a feeling of professional photo shooting for those who left their cameras at home. The product received several awards as an innovative technology in image processing and a ground-breaking mobile app.

The solution for the international FMCG corporation with 82,000 employees is a software applied in more than 60 countries. It consists of two interconnected applications – field planning tool and market integrated platform. The complex functionality allows creating trade marketing plans within a group of cities and states, while achieving almost real-time visibility of the progress and keeping solid control over brand promotion initiation in target outlets within one city.

ScienceSoft developed a language learning portal and text-to-speech travel apps for iOS and Android.

A top-notch and secure multiplatform mobile app for Belgazprombank – a bank with $254 million of equity capital. ScienceSoft performed the full cycle of application development – from design to market release – and went on to create new features and a tablet version of the app.

A large online payment service provider with 6 mln e-wallets (now has over 18 mln) had an iOS client, which no longer met customers' expectations. ScienceSoft created a new app that allowed users to manage their e-wallets and make payments easily.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed thorough Agile testing of BGPB Mobile, an award-winning mobile banking app. With fruitful joint efforts of the developers, bank representatives and the testing team, this ambitious project has been on for 5+ years.

A web-based platform for workforce management used by 100,000 clients and 25,000 professionals needed thorough testing to improve the system performance. Our QA team performed functional, regression and smoke testing to ensure that both web and mobile software ran like intended.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows users to securely approve documents with a protected e-signature. document approval workflow app.

Witnessing Viber's success on the market, ScienceSoft went to help clients create highly secure messengers. What distinguishes the app from its competitors is that it features personal encrypted cloud file storage to allow sharing files with others.

ScienceSoft team developed a car racing iOS and Android app for the IT company. The solution provides auto racing fans with real-time track info: news, online-translation, videos, tickets and more. The app also allows social sharing options.

ScienceSoft helped Customer to substantially expand the functionality of their communication planning solution and delivered it to iPad.

ScienceSoft developed a Xamarin-based mobile farming app for agronomists to rely on while inspecting crops. The mobile app was also integrated with a web app to enable online consulting with experts.

We took part in elaborating functionality for the Android app designed to remotely control indoor temperature and water temperature as well as to provide all-day-round surveillance with cameras and motion/CO2 detectors.

ScienceSoft took part in the development of Xamarin-based iOS/Android apps that help users to order and print a mobile phone case by picking from the catalog of ready-made designs or creating their own.

To help an audio equipment manufacturer increase in-store sales, ScienceSoft developed a digital signage solution, consisting of an Android app for tablets, a master control computer on Raspberry Pi, and a cloud-based web application.

ScienceSoft developed an app for iOS and Android according to the concept and specification of a smart baby care system created by ScienceSoft’s business analysis team. The app connects to the Customer’s smart baby care devices allowing remote control and automatic data collection.

ScienceSoft created a mobile care coordination app that creates a continuum of care by connecting patients with their caregivers across organizations and specialties.

ScienceSoft created the demo version of an iOS inpatient mobile app for patients to check on their medical records, communicate with health specialists and access various entertainment options at the bedside.

ScienceSoft’s team performed modernization of math training applications for children, which resulted in the apps’ improved performance, enhanced functionality, and reduced maintenance costs.

ScienceSoft’s testing team improved the Customer’s automated functional testing process, performed automated functional testing with Appium and evaluated the performance of a secure messaging app for Android 5.0 and above and iOS 8.0 and above. As a result, the Customer reduced time and efforts needed for regression testing and rework, obtained enhanced Appium scripts for functional testing and valuable ideas for evaluating the app performance.

ScienceSoft developed a multiscreen app that enables VOD/SVOD services on Android TV-powered TVs, Nexus Player, and NVidia Shield.

ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team has performed end-to-end testing of a secure VoIP mobile app for a Persian Gulf leader in cyber security solutions, assuring that the app works nationwide and abroad.

ScienceSoft delivered an image recognition solution that allowed a luxury vehicles manufacturer to speed up user registration in the customer service system by 10 times.

An Android app to allow clients to manage their hire-purchase cards via mobile phones. Offering a rich functionality along with a sleek and slim interface, the app helps the bank draw more clients to their services.

Functional, regression and localization testing of a multilingual mobile app on iOS and Android for a major car racing events organizer with over a million subscribers across the world.

A user-friendly set of apps (iOS, Android and WP) for a national public transportation network that serves over 30 mln passenger journeys each year. The app provides transit schedules and fare calculator as well as helps users find the nearest stop in a snap.

A multiplatform, both desktop and mobile app to help business people benefit from rich and interactive communication including IP and video telephony, multimedia sharing and other features.

Developed by ScienceSoft, two iOS apps for sales effectively optimized a US telecom company’s field work. Using a respective app, the customer’s employees can instantly sign or recertify contracts with their clients on site.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile queueing system consisting of an iPad app for restaurants and an iPhone app for visitors. The system allows visitors to join the queue for a table at a restaurant and makes it easier for restaurant employees to handle the visitor flow.

As an experienced custom software developer for the banking and financial services industry, ScienceSoft helped the Customer to develop online and mobile banking applications to replace the legacy systems.

The cross-industry field audit mobile app, powering the Burger King, KFC and Friday’s, is an on-spot tool for collecting strategic metrics and measuring the efficiency of each particular location operation with customizable checklists on hygiene, health and safety of food, response time and more.

ScienceSoft created a native iOS and Android app for an aspiring online loyalty program start-up. The solution allows comparing the in-store goods and prices on-the-go through the barcode scanner, both online and offline. The app users also can receive a discount on a selected product or get it for free by spinning a colorfully designed and animated wheel.

ScienceSoft created a Xamarin ticketing app and integrated it with the Customer’s movie ticket booking web solution via a separately developed back end.

ScienceSoft created a hospital mobile app for nurses and physicians to facilitate their work with inpatients.

ScienceSoft developed iOS and Android mobile apps for healthcare specialists, who visit patients at their homes and make X-rays. With the apps, specialists can view and edit patient visit details, check-in/out the equipment, capture medical documents and clock-in/out. The app has a physician view, making it easy for doctors to sign completed visit requests and view patient history.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile iOS hospital app for nurses. Using the app on an iPad, nurses can see and update their daily agenda as well as view detailed patient data and exchange messages with colleagues.

ScienceSoft created a mobile communication system for the elderly and their caregivers, allowing them to connect across settings, including home, hospitals, senior housing, etc.

ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team performed end-to-end testing of a mobile app for a large company selling books and periodicals for all ages nationwide.

ScienceSoft revamped the WordPress-based training portal and integrated it with the emailing and billing services, as well as with the updated apps on iOS and Android to improve the portal’s performance, content display, user activity analytics and more.

ScienceSoft team has developed a web application and an iOS app to offer an effective document extraction and management tool for 120+ healthcare organizations. The solution automatically gathers all the scanned documents and puts them into a unified folder for further processing.

The Customer needed an enterprise time-tracking app to allow employees log time via their mobile devices. We helped the Customer's development team to create a cross-platform solution that would be fully integrated with the existing ERP system, thus providing extra value to both managers and employees.

ScienceSoft developed Xamarin-based iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps that help users to safely store their files encrypted and easily decrypt them when necessary.

ScienceSoft developed Cordova-based iOS and Android applications. The apps contain templates of various document forms, which can be customized without any programming knowledge.

Developed for a US telecom company, a mobile advertising platform allows users earn points by clicking on ads and get free call-minutes or Internet traffic in exchange.

At the request of their long-term telecom partner, ScienceSoft developed software to power a GPS pet tracker, an iOS and Android apps that can manage the tracker remotely, as well as a Python-powered backend, for the device and apps to communicate with each other.

A mobile app that helps frontline sales managers create roof sketches with precise measurements on the spot and thus close sales faster.

ScienceSoft develops iOS and Android mobile banking applications for one of the largest and oldest private banks of Azerbaijan.

ScienceSoft created an iOS and Android mobile app for the local search and direction solutions company with 75,000+ customers around the globe. The software with intuitive UI encompasses over 300,000 companies and has 2 mln visits per month. The app also uses GPS and social media to engage users better.

Upon moving from iOS to Android, a sport magazine application has inherited the look-and-feel and functionality of the original app and now offers engaging news as well as highly personalized content.

A mobile solution to complement the Customer's products – business intelligence applications with complex analytics capabilities. The handy tool has enriched the functionality with interactive, visualized maps to help users better perceive data.

An intuitive mobile app that enables subscribers to surf between TV channels as well as watch and buy high-quality videos via mobile devices.

ScienceSoft developed a set of mobile video streaming apps (iOS, Android and WP) for the company offering mobile TV and radio solutions. The system with an Augmented TV feature allows watching not only prerecorded shows but also live streaming of various sport events. It offers users to interact with each other and discuss episodes through social media right inside the app.

A cross-platform app that enables workers to become more mobile and agile thanks to the possibility of approving and rejecting documents right away on their mobile devices. In addition to exchanging documents, the app allows adding comments for better cooperation.

ScienceSoft upgraded desktop VPN solutions for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as developed a native Android VPN client application.

ScienceSoft expanded the functionality of a care coordination hospital app they had previously created. A new feature notifies healthcare specialists about patient requests and allows to handle them on the go.

ScienceSoft provided team augmentation services to help a Canadian IT company finish the development of an enterprise insurance mobile app for iOS.

ScienceSoft created two iOS apps integrated with the Customer’s ERP system for sports club management. One of the apps is used by club employees, the other – by club members.

ScienceSoft created a personal task management app that synchronizes with all G Suite and pulls in all necessary data from Calendar, Tasks, Mail, and Contacts.

We developed an iOS version of a mobile rugby app that gives access to live match audio streaming and video highlights, expert blogs, full statistics for all games and more. With this handy mobile app, rugby fans are always in the swim of the latest game-related news and favorite teams’ updates.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile app that provides football fans with access to live games and archived videos, up-to-date scoring and statistics, breaking news, games announcements and most relevant info about teams and players. The solution helped the Customer to embrace new information channels and become more fun-connected.

ScienceSoft created an issue tracking Android app for customer support specialists. The app allows support specialists to create new cases and perform search in the knowledge base.

ScienceSoft created the concept of a mobile patient application and an EMR-integrated desktop application to define whether a prescribed medicine contradicts with a patient’s current conditions and diseases.

ScienceSoft developed native mobile audit apps for Android and Windows. The apps contain customized questionnaires that allow shop and restaurant auditors to fill in the forms on the go and then submit them to the server, all with no need for internet connection.

ScienceSoft created iOS and Android apps to provide a highly secure video and audio chat tool for hospitals and nursing homes. Patients and residents are able to have confidential individual or group conversations with their physicians and relatives.

ScienceSoft created a fast, intuitive and highly secure Android messenger application. The texting solution uses 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure privacy.

ScienceSoft developed a HIPAA-compliant Android telehealth application to allow patients to attend online appointments with their physicians through secure video conferencing.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile picture taking software for a photo service provider with 200,000+ clients worldwide. The solution uses Android camera to send images wirelessly and automatically to a proprietary web-based resource for simple viewing, sending, printing and purchasing.

ScienceSoft created an iOS app that allows for using iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices to monitor property via CCTV. In addition to live streaming, the app also enables users to playback the recorded videos and send images through email.

In 2016, ScienceSoft tested the world’s leading market research e-store for compatibility with Android and iOS mobile screens. UI testing, performance testing, load testing, user isolation testing and (partly) regression testing were performed within the project. In addition to requested bug reports related to mobile use, ScienceSoft’s team detected some desktop bugs, as well as suggested some extra website enhancements.

ScienceSoft team delivered a document management app for a parliament. The tool applies role-based access control to allow browsing through documents in folders, reading and approving them or sending back for revision.

ScienceSoft developed an iOS application for a construction industry SaaS solutions company. The system creates and tracks leads, as well as manages appointments and damage information for insurance claim work using the onboard camera. The app allows evaluating exterior damage using sketching tools and Google Maps shots, which makes it easy to convert leads into customers in a single appointment.

ScienceSoft developed a gaming platform for a producer of digital entertainment products. The customer received the solution allowing to gather data about users’ interests, their purchased products and gaming progress. The cross-platform design allows players use their achievements and unlockables in various game titles and various platforms.

ScienceSoft developed a native iOS app that gathers data from the heart rate monitor and provides the user with a quantitative assessment of his physical fitness. The assessment is based on a simple 3-4 minute lying-to-standing test plus Valsalva maneuver with deep breathing.

ScienceSoft's iOS development team assisted a global IT system integrator in creating a golf rules app.

ScienceSoft’s Xamarin developers joined a Norwegian team to assist them with the development of a dating app similar to Tinder.

ScienceSoft created a cross-platform app on Ionic and Cordova to help an online credit assistant reach mobile users.

A mobile app for IT, telecom and media companies which encompasses over 220 country market insights, 10 mln market data points and 180 analysts worldwide.

ScienceSoft developed two sound iOS apps for a next gen entertainment content provider. The first app contains various wild animals’ sounds that can be mixed by tapping on different icons with matching animals. The second app allows users to replay 12 scary Halloween sounds as well as count the days remaining to the holiday via the built-in countdown.

ScienceSoft revamped the Android app by improving the functionality, fixing several bugs and making it available for tablet users. Inspired by the way how the app looked and performed on Android devices, the Customer decided to create an iOS version, as well.

ScienceSoft team developed a casual Android game for an entertainment content provider. The app allows users to create various pictures of a differently dressed up built-in character (Sweety), add captions, save final results on the device as well as publish them on social media.

ScienceSoft created a viral Android game for an entertainment content provider. The app allows users to create funny memes with one from 12 well-known characters, add catchy captions and publish them on social media.

Big Apes Love Blonds is an iOS app, received Silver in the Mobile Games category at the W3 Awards in USA. ScienceSoft developed a game which aim was to catch runaway blondes and protect them from enemies. It supports multi-touch technology to improve user experience.

A success story of revamping a communicator to allow incoming and outgoing VoIP calls right away in the app.

ScienceSoft developed an iPhone game for an insurance company. The developed app simulates endless driving through a freeway and allows users to bypass various obstacles using built-in accelerometer. The app is available for a multiuser game: a multiple-player mode allows 2 devices to interact with each other.

ScienceSoft developed an iOS version of a legendary Minesweeper game for a web and mobile apps publisher. The game’s objective is to identify all mine squares by revealing all non-mine squares. The app also supports several skill levels, challenges and a leader-board to allow users compete with each other.

ScienceSoft developed a Symbian navigator for the mobile navigation and location services supplier. The system shows preloaded vector maps, indicates current position information from integrated or external GPS receivers, provides routing/navigation services with voice guidance. The solution also allows receiving actual information about traffic conditions and locations of speed cameras by updating data via Internet connection. The app supports Symbian S60, S80, UIQ3 and Nokia Internet Tablet (Linux Maemo).

ScienceSoft team developed an Android and IOS guide for a web services and mobile applications provider. The app offers users helpful information about the Gotland island as well as places of interest such as: beaches, parking spaces, attractions, restaurants, hotels, schedules and so on.

Your Nutrition Matters is a set of apps (iOS, Android and WP) that provides users with all the necessary information about products’ nutritive value: calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and Glycemic Index. The app also can advise a suitable diet depending on a blood type.

ScienceSoft developed a mobile application that helps users access information about flights, plan trips to and from the airport, track planned trips.

ScienceSoft’s team created a set of applications that allow managing inspections of buildings after maintenance and accumulating reports automatically.

ScienceSoft’s team developed a solution with interactive web interface and feature-rich mobile applications that allows users to communicate with their vehicle and perform a variety of actions.

ScienceSoft’s team developed a fashion assistant app that allows viewing new collections of the brand and “trying” it on a doll.

ScienceSoft’s team developed an application that allows to view available cycling routes, get information on the routes and share information with other users.

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated solution equipped with a communication tool, integrated back-end, and intuitive design to facilitate the connection between patients and medical professionals.

COVID-19 – An update to our clients
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
Stay safe and healthy,
Nikolay Kurayev,
Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft