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With 10+ years of experience in ITSM, ScienceSoft provides ServiceNow implementation, integration, migration and other services related to the platform. With our help, businesses of any industry can make their IT departments’ work more stable and efficient, and their IT services – more structured and available.


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  • Official ServiceNow Partner
  • 8+ years of experience in ServiceNow consulting and implementation
  • Certified ServiceNow Implementation Specialists
  • Certified ServiceNow System Administrators
  • Certified Application Developer
  • ITIL-certified experts
Our success stories
ServiceNow customization for a multinational confectionery manufacturer with 50,000+ staff
ServiceNow Customization for a Multinational Confectionery Manufacturer with 50,000+ Staff
ServiceNow App for Supplier Performance Analysis and Visualization
ServiceNow App for Supplier Performance Analysis and Visualization
ServiceNow Active Directory Integration
ServiceNow Active Directory Integration


Our cooperation models

ServiceNow implementation from scratch

If you feel that your current IT service management has much to improve, implementing ServiceNow can be the right way to go. And even if you are unsure what exactly you need from ServiceNow to advance your IT, ScienceSoft’s expertise will guide you through the whole process:

Servicenow implementation from scratch

  1. We analyze your existing business processes and look for the ways to improve them.
  2. Jointly with your company, we work out a set of technical requirements for the functionality of your future ServiceNow solution.
  3. ScienceSoft’s team customize your ServiceNow to make the platform fully compliant with the arranged set of requirements.
  4. If you have such a need, we integrate the solution with other systems that your ServiceNow will need to work with.
  5. ScienceSoft’s experts launch your new ServiceNow platform and within the early stages of the trial period provide the needed maintenance and support, improving the system’s performance on the fly.

ServiceNow functionality enhancement

Functionality enhancement

If you want to set up a new ITSM process, ScienceSoft’s team can help you select the right functionality for that. Then, we can add the needed functionality into your ServiceNow ecosystem and tune it the way the desired process requires. For instance, if you want to reorganize the way of managing vendor relationships, we can find the most suitable plugin or app for the job and implant it into your system.

And if you want to fix or improve one of ITSM processes that you already have, we can advise you on how your functionality can be reworked to bring more value to your IT services. For instance, if your staff isn’t satisfied with how the Change management plugin works, we can look into the matter and propose a few alternatives to adjust your change management process so that it better fulfills your needs.

Custom applications

If you have almost everything you need in ServiceNow, but something is still missing, another way to help you fill this gap would be for us to create a custom app. It can be more compelling financially than buying a corresponding ServiceNow plugin. Besides, the existing plugin can appear to be irrelevant for your processes, while a custom app will reflect them perfectly.


To ensure high levels of efficiency, you can have your ServiceNow platform integrated with other systems you or your partners use.

Servicenow integration

Migration to ServiceNow

If your legacy system isn’t able to fulfill your requirements anymore, migrating to ServiceNow can be a way out. Sometimes, previously chosen platforms (Jira, ZenDesk, SysAid, BMC Remedy or any other) just don’t work out. Then, it is time to choose a new tool like ServiceNow, with whose ITSM-driven potential you will be able to bring stability to your IT services.

To migrate your IT department to ServiceNow, if there is such a need, ScienceSoft will transfer not only your historical data, but also the business processes that you want to keep using. And to ensure a smooth transition to a new platform, we will also train your staff to use ServiceNow and make sure to explain to them the benefits of the platform.

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Apart from minor challenges, such as the need to redo integrations that your legacy system had, there is a whole network of multi-level interdependent challenges we can help you solve.

Servicenow challenges we solve


Challenge: Complexity in grasping your business processes and implementing them in ServiceNow

The most complex stage in ServiceNow implementation is grasping the existing business processes of your company and moving them to ServiceNow. Naturally, the more processes you have, the bigger the scope of the implementation project will be.

Solution: Taking one step at a time

The key is that there should be no rush. At first, ScienceSoft will transfer your most crucial processes onto the new platform, and only then the rest will follow. We should also warn you that the way you choose for your process transfer to occur will affect all the specific challenges later on.


Challenge: Choosing between old and new processes

Depending on the way we transfer your processes from the legacy system onto ServiceNow, the following old-vs-new dilemma occurs. We can either preserve your ‘old ways’ or we can introduce your company to the new approach and concepts that the platform offers.

While deciding on the way to handle this dilemma, we underline that you need to keep 2 major factors in mind. The first is the effectiveness of the old processes (whether they really work the way you want), which is something we can help you evaluate. And the second one is the future support of old and new processes in ServiceNow.

Solution A: Keeping to the old ways

In case you decide to keep to your usual ways and continue working the way you do, our team will have to seriously customize ServiceNow to make it comply with your business processes. Because OOTB ServiceNow is most certainly very far from what you will need. In this case, the level of user convenience will be higher, since your employees won’t have to get accustomed to any new approaches and concepts.

Stumbling block: Low compatibility with new versions of ServiceNow

The trick here is that the more customizations you have, the more tangible becomes the problem of their compatibility with the new versions of ServiceNow. None of them will be ‘safe,’ since there’s no predicting how the platform will change in the next release.

Way around: Ongoing maintenance

To solve this, you run into the need of extended maintenance. Our experts will need to monitor the compatibility of your ServiceNow customizations with new versions of the platform and provide ongoing modifications to make sure they work.

Solution B: Choosing the new best practices

Your company can choose to adopt the new concepts and ways that ServiceNow offers and follow best practices. In this case, our team won’t need to modify the platform too much.

Stumbling block: Low user convenience and frequent user mistakes at early stages

Because of all the new concepts and processes, for some period, the level of user convenience will sufficiently decrease. Your employees won’t know what to do with the new tool and will frequently make mistakes.

Way around 1: Training your staff

Your staff, and maybe your IT vendors, will have to learn how to use the new platform, which is something ScienceSoft can help you with as well. We can organize the needed training for your staff, which will help them grasp the platform and avoid huge amounts of user mistakes. Then, once accustomed to, the platform will provide a high level of user convenience.

Way around 2: Providing ‘mistake-proof’ support for your ServiceNow

Since user mistakes will be rather common and user knowledge will still be fresh, we will provide your ServiceNow with the needed early-stage support. Along with organizing workshops for your staff, ScienceSoft’s specialists will also review users’ inquiries about the system and explain what needs to be done differently to get the desired outcome.

Given all the delicacies, ScienceSoft will guide you through every step of the ServiceNow-implementation way and advise you on every possible course of action when there’s a fork in the road.


If you want your needs in ServiceNow implementation fulfilled, hit the button, get a free consultation, and we’ll see what we can do to help you optimize your IT.

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