CRM Case Studies

Over 12 years, we provide CRM consulting services to both B2C and B2B customers in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking, telecom, and other industries. We help companies achieve higher customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates and gain a tangible revenue increase with the leading CRM platforms - Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

Take a look at our CRM case studies below and learn how successful businesses employ CRM functionality. If you need help at any stage of your CRM journey – from analyzing your current CRM problems, to implementing a new solution and user training we’re at your service.

Backed by a 7-year expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, ScienceSoft joined the project to help the Customer create a CRM system for a bank with 7 million clients. Our team developed three modules: customer base management, sales activities planning and advanced analytics.

Having developed Microsoft Dynamics solutions since 2008, ScienceSoft rolls out a customized CRM system for a multibusiness group of companies and implements a data warehouse to centralize data from its separate business entities.

ScienceSoft created a loyalty program module for a media company with 500,000+ corporate subscribers and 5 million readers. The system keeps record of all orders and payments, allowing readers to receive bonuses for purchasing products and services. Loyalty program managers can configure reward rules without programming, and subscribers can access the system to check their membership level.

ScienceSoft has developed an app for the website integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, which assists sales teams in complex sales by adjusting their success stories to a unified format.

ScienceSoft implemented a robust marketing solution for a US-based prominent player in fashion retail and hospitality. The solution ensures effective client communication via a range of channels.

ScienceSoft’s team rolled out a custom CRM subsystem for NPO’s member performance management that allowed to automate data accumulation from the Customer’s CRM and SharePoint extranet, calculation of 49 KPIs, as well as further reporting via the CRM and extranet for the Customer’s staff and members.

ScienceSoft implemented a customized healthcare CRM system integrated with the Customer’s EHR and PMS to ensure seamless patient interaction tracking, sending automated notifications for appointments and patient feedback management over customizable surveys.

ScienceSoft performed custom development of Dynamics 365 CRM, which implied automated quote generation, language localization, custom reports creation, etc.

ScienceSoft created the marketing module for assisted livings to allow them handle prospects effectively, track communications with them and set task reminders.

Another chapter of long-term cooperation: customization of MS Dynamics CRM Online for a leading online accounting SaaS provider with 35,000 business subscribers. The new cloud-based CRM enabled 360-degree subscription management at all membership levels and sales automation to drive the Customer’s growth through optimized sales processes.

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to automate expense reimbursement and enhance project time tracking and approval. For this, our CRM consultants delivered two Dynamics 365 plugins and custom UI components.

A smart add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (on-premises) devised by ScienceSoft’s team helped the Customer to overcome the problem of inconsistent email tracking and ensure seamless email communication. Additionally, the tailored email tracker allowed blocking the possibility of email tracking for certain employees according to internal policies.

ScienceSoft performed Salesforce-Alfresco integration, which facilitated the sales process and aligned cross-departmental collaboration in a medium-sized organization.

ScienceSoft performed Salesforce-Azure Active Directory integration to set up single sign-on for the end customer’s Office 365 portal and Salesforce solution.

ScienceSoft took up the outsource administration of the Salesforce-based B2B portal of the international consumer products company. We helped to ensure better usability of the portal, which allowed to streamline the company’s communication with their customers and increase the efficiency of promotional activities giving them better information support.

ScienceSoft delivered a configurable integration solution that syncs client data between Dynamics 365 and the End Customer’s Cloud database. As a result, the End Customer managed to improve their clients’ brand experience.

ScienceSoft delivered a custom module for meeting management to help an Israel-based provider of global communications solutions to schedule meetings and conference calls with clients directly in their CRM system.

ScienceSoft’s manual testing team successfully performed MS Dynamics CRM testing for an international provider of software for car manufacturing enterprises and car dealers. Manual testing of MS Dynamics CRM module comprised thorough functional testing (including testing of the in-built search function), role-based access testing, component integration testing and localization testing.

ScienceSoft customized MS Dynamics CRM for a US-based market leader in cancer diagnostics solutions to enable sales management and performance reporting.

Full-cycle testing of a Dynamics-based CRM product for a multinational enterprise software provider to car dealers, manufacturers and importers.

Custom CRM and sales automation for an EU government agency in public transportation. Based on MS Dynamics CRM, the solution helps to manage their nation-wide portfolio of passenger land transport vendors.

Our team customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM for an American electronics manufacturer to help them optimize sales management and reach 100% adoption rate of the corporate CRM system.

A case study of customizing Dynamics CRM Online for sales automation, performance management and order calculation in Manufacturing.

A plug-in to integrate the contact center application that is used by more than 15,000 call center specialists around the world with MS Dynamics CRM.

Delivery of a custom component on top of MS Dynamics CRM Online for a global provider of HVAC services for offshore Oil & Gas installations. Integrated with the Customer’s CRM system, the component automated meeting follow-up distribution and helped to keep all communication uninterrupted.

ScienceSoft created a MS Dynamics CRM add-on for oil & gas company. Customer received a simple tool to edit MS Dynamics CRM entities without leaving the grid, just as it is with MS Excel. The solution also provides various input options, validation and alert rules to ensure data accuracy, security model to grant access rights to users and user groups and single-form editing of multiple entity relationships.

ScienceSoft created the custom CRM system based on MS Dynamics CRM for the media company. The project included Customer Service management, sales and order lifecycle tracking, data migration as well as rich reporting implementation based on MS Reporting Services. New system provides the Customer with full client support, personnel and process management functionality.

COVID-19 – An update to our clients
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
Stay safe and healthy,
Nikolay Kurayev,
Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft