Virtual Stores

virtual store


The customer is an Australian supplier of online retail solutions for various product groups (general merchandise, apparel, household appliances, grocery, consumer electronics, etc.).


The customer, a supplier of online retail solutions, decided to bring a fun and pleasant part of real shopping into virtual shopping experience. The fun part meant walking across the store, looking at various products in various compartments, comparing goods, etc. The customer decided to achieve it by introducing a virtual 3D online shop. The application was supposed to give users the feeling of real wandering around shelves. The main challenge for ScienceSoft specialists was that the customer didn’t have any specific requirements for the solution. It meant that the development team was expected to design and develop the application from scratch.


The software development process was split into several stages: Analysis, Planning, Development. ScienceSoft’s business analyst clarified the customer's requirements and created the functional specification document, while the system architect investigated possible solutions, made a prototype and technical design of the application. Having investigated various approaches and technology they decided that the Virtual Store would be an online enabled standalone windows application and that the solution would be developed with the following technology:  .Net Framework 3.0, WPF for visualization and data processing of XAML information generated on server. The Virtual Store would communicate with Application Server storing shopping data. The whole system would be integrated with Customer's data processing system.


ScienceSoft created a 3D online shop covering all necessary functionality. Users can ‘walk’ through the virtual shop, look for and zoom any product they like for a more detailed description. The solution was developed in time and with high quality of deliverables.

Technologies and Tools

Virtual Store application: .NET Framework 3.0, WPF, WCF

Server: IIS 6.0, .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, ASP.NET 2.0, XML Web Services, XAML generation, WCF