Personnel Planning System

personnel planning system


The Customer is a child care organisation.


The Nanny - Personnel Planning system is an information system for child care organizations. It provides a set of features to control employee's time and working schedule. The goals of the project were to enhance the existing MS Access Application by providing rich user interface, to improve existing functionality, and to make the application web-enabled ( accessible via the Internet and intranet).


Windows Presentation Foundation was selected for the realisation of the application. It exploits the full power of a client computer and is easily available over the Internet and intranet through native XBAP support. XBAP applications are hosted in a sandbox. It ensures that the client's computer is protected against misuse and allows applying necessary restrictions to secure clientserver interactions. ScienceSoft team developed several ways to enable secure clientserver interactions.
The functionality of the system is realized on web service hosted on solution provider's server. It considerably simplifies its maintenance. Because XBAP applications are only allowed to interact with web services hosted on the client-part servicer, direct access to provider's web services is denied. Client-side part interacts both with customer side and provider side web services.


The application developed by ScienceSoft’s specialists has considerably eased the work of the management of the organization. It is user-friendly, it vividly displays working hours of each employee for a certain period and is a great asset to accountants while they deal with a personnel payroll.

Technologies and tools

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, WPF, XBAP, ASP.NET Web Services, C#, LINQ, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Internet Information Services.