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music store


The customer is a leading provider of mobile music entertainment solutions, including software, marketing and content management, to 30 mobile operators and media companies in 25 countries worldwide. It provides solutions to more than 20 countries and such giant companies as: AOL, NRJ, MTV, etc already uses their mobile services. It is a pioneer in the real-time mobile entertainment industry and a biggest player on mobile media market in Europe.


Music Store is an offline music shop for mobile phones. Music Store is a unique application, as it differs from many analogues. Its unique feature is the ability to provide previews for music tracks which could be bought by a user in a safe mode. The application downloads up-to-date catalogs of tracks from the service-provider server, and a user can listen to track preview before buying it as a ring-tone or a full track. The pre-listening is organized in a safe way: the application downloads the tracks to the secure Java storage from which they are not reachable for other purposes but for the use by the application. As a JAVA application, Music Store provides user-friendly look-and-feel with highly customized design and convenient controls. Such features would be lacked on WAP page.

Music Store also provides user commercial information which it receives from server in different ways, e.g. colorful promo banners, server alerts and browser links. Thus, being an application which is eligible for offline launch (user can browse the once loaded catalogs offline), Music Store can maintain frequent connections via HTTP with server-side service engine, which controls the client's behavior in many ways.


The requirements of total device portability claimed for a flexible and highly customized design of the new application. The application is built on the basis of a highly customized framework, developed by ScienceSoft Inc from the very beginning which allows customized UI design flexible storage and network access functionality. As a result of the flexible structure the application is easily customized for the target devices, e.g. there's a compatible version of Music Store for touch-screen devices, and can update its screens look-and-feel rather easily and in short terms with no extra efforts on the basis of the current UI paradigm. The application is intended to function on most of contemporary mobile phones supporting JTWI (MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0, MMAPI 1.1) specification. Our development process is built on iterative mail stones driven approach. Development process consists of number of phases which are spitted on to stages. For long terms projects as this one circle of Analysis, Planning, Design, Implementation, Integration, Stabilization and Deployment repeated many times before all client requirements are met.

Maintenance & support phase

After the expiration of the warranty period it was agreed to continue collaboration between customer and ScienceSoft on “complete service“ collaboration model.


The result of the joint work of the customer and ScienceSoft company was successful delivery of the product suite to operators and embed it for more than 100 java handsets. There was wide range of phone models which contain this service: SonyEricsson, Sagem, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, etc. There is hundred thousands activations all over the world.
Significant achievement of the team was 100% stable engine of the application with wide range of features makes customer marketing happy. Most of the delivered application passed test house requirements from first try.

Technologies and tools

J2ME profile MIDP2.0, configuration CLDC 1.0/1.1; user interface supports “skins” implemented using XML;
network is based on HTTP 1.1; multimedia playback via MMAPI 1.1; persistent storage RMS & FileConnection (JSR-75)