The customer is a Russian VoIP service provider.


The customer had an available iPhone application that was able to communicate via loopback VoIP means. When the user of the application dials the destination number/address, the server dials the mobile number of the origin party and only after the origin party answers, the remote party is dialed. The customer wanted to embed full VoIP services into this application. They requested an iPhone prototype application that woult provide VoIP dialing & call handling from the application. The target prototype must be built on the base of the existing application code-base.

Project goals:

· to update the existing codebase to provide full VoIP service with dialing& call handling within application;
· to target devices with iPhoneOS 3.0 installed.


From the UI side, the existing client was updated with a single “VoIP dial” button and incoming VoIP call view. An open source library pjsip was used to implement the VoIP under the condition that the customer would offer his application for free.


The project was finished in time and within planned budget. The updated application fully supported incoming & outgoing VoIP calls.

Technologies and tools

MacOS X 10.6, XCode 3, iPhone SDK 3, UIKit, pjsip library