Your Nutrition Matters

your nutrition matters_mobile app_ScienceSoft


The customer of the project is a Swiss company 'You deserve better'.


Your Nutrition Matters is an application that gives information about nutritional value of some products and most suitable diets for people with certain blood type. Besides, you can also find such facts as a number of calories, glycemic index, and the ratio of protein, fat,  and carb for each product. According to the customer's idea the application should allow users to purchase a necessary type of diet from the Internet and search for the application updates. Once the application has been downloaded, all the information should be available to the user in an offline mode.


Among the documents that the customer provided to ScienceSoft team there was an app description in pdf format, application data sheet in Excel format, a sketch of user interface design, layout elements, and screen views for different modes.

ScienceSoft designer created several versions for the app icons and the application splash screen. After that all Excel data was converted into mobile SQLite DB format and encrypted with PBE via 128Bit AES.
During the implementation phase several development versions of the application were sent to the customer . This helped solve such styling issues as choosing an appropriate size, style, font type, and colors for the layou elements and text messages before the final version was delivered.

Technologies & tools

Java, Android SDK (1.5-2.2), SQLite, PBE via 128Bit AES