Purchase Order Tracking System

purchase order tracking system


The customer of the software is an American chain of hospitals that specialize in the treatment of critical and complex medical and surgical conditions.


The Purchase Order Tracking Software is designed to help manage purchase accounts. It keeps track of purchase related data with Vendor, Item, Location, and Contact details. Order  specific details can be entered by the users on the “Purchase Orders” form. As soon as necessary items are received, they  get marked in the system via the “Receiving” form. All  “Purchase Orders” get approved by the managers in the  “Purchase Order Approval” form. Thanks to the search function, users have the ability to look for necessary information in all forms. Interactive and easy to use Purchase Order Tracking Software allows you to manage purchase related data, secure your purchase records and get detailed purchase reports for different time period.

Technologies and tools

.NET, Microsoft Visual Source Safe for versions control, TrackGear for bug tracking and reports.