Centralized Invoicing System

centralized invoicing system


The customer of the software is a multinational pharmaceutical company that operates in 110 + countries worldwide.


Developed by ScienceSoft Inc., the invoicing system is a centralized solution that covers a number of the company's business activities.Firstly, it allows to monitor anti-cancer medicine production processes. The system also has the function of inventory control. It supervises supply, storage and accessibility of various items. The software stores and gives access to clients' data and serves as an invoicing system which controls all financial transactions of the buying/selling process.As a centralized solution, the system assists in cross-department communication and improves the company's efficiency. With the help of the centralized invoicing system you can create and manage information, track the company's performance, study behavioral patterns of customers, business partners, competitors, and analyze business data such as sales revenues, incomes and expenses.

Technologies and tools

.NET Framework 2.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, VB .NET, : Infragistics 2.0, Citrix server API, Crystal Reports.