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Sales applications with mobility in mind

The developer of mobile trade marketing planning tool for a global marketing agency and the creator of field-audit apps used by Burger King, KFC and Friday’s, ScienceSoft always delivers high-performing mobile enterprise software. With 28 years of cross-industrial experience, we know how to boost your business with custom sales applications.

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Our Approach

At ScienceSoft, we’re convinced that enterprise mobile apps should be both enabling and reformative. It should provide employees with convenience, simplicity and freedom, yet drastically increase productivity and shorten the process of closing opportunities from months to days.

Developing a sales application, we design it to be robust and neat, task-oriented and user-friendly. We don’t make a mere copy of your existing CRM on mobile but recreate the power of functionality and convenience of use, keeping mobility in mind.


Our experts address major challenges of sales, refer to the specifics of industries and offer features that are most apt for your business.

Catalogues and 3D presentations

Catalogues and 3D presentations

An unlimited amount of product images in sales app catalogues and live models in mobile 3D presentations will change the way your customers react to product demonstrations. Add a parameter-based item search and category sorting, and you’ll make the work of any sales representative much easier.

New items can be added to a product list within seconds and modified anytime. Due to the automatic synchronization with the server, catalogues and presentations contain the latest product descriptions, prices and current stock availability at all times. You will no longer have to check if each sales manager uses the latest version of PDFs and presentations.



A configurator sales application gives customers a full image of how product sets or complex systems look and work, featuring a dashboard with a kit of products that can all be dragged-n-dropped and virtually assembled together.

In the process of designing a system, such apps promptly notify about malfunctioning configurations and out-of-stock items, as well as offer in-stock or cheaper alternatives. Allowing to tailor configurations to customer requests and calculate product prices right away, configurators reduce the deal closing time from month to days.

Contract forms and questionnaires

Contract forms and questionnaires

Contracts that can be filled in digitally and signed with an electronic signature will cut your company’s routine paperwork down to the minimum.

Saved documents are immediately sent out to clients’ email and put in the queue for uploading to the CRM. Ready-made electronic survey forms require only a couple of taps on the screen to be completed, saving time and increasing the number of survey participants. Once this type of sales applications shares the gathered data with a CRM or BI system, the results can be analyzed and displayed in diagrams.

Routing and navigation apps

Routing and navigation apps

Once sales reps work out their daily schedules (either B2C or B2B), apps synchronize them with the map, analyze all destination points and design the most convenient and time- and fuel-effective route.


We deliver all-round development of nativehybrid or cross-platform mobile sales apps supported with robust back-ends for a more rapid and agile performance. By integrating our solutions with the CRMERP and ECM, we allow the mobile sales software easily communicate with the rest of your enterprise infrastructure.


Feel free to contact our specialists and learn more about sales app development. Our teams of BAs and mobile developers will be glad to cooperate on the solution that responds best to your business challenges.

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