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Andrei Dusmikeev

I devise ScienceSoft’s IoT development strategy to create solutions that solve specific business problems.
IoT Solutions Architect,

A mathematician by training and a Solutions Architect by profession, Andrei has six years of experience in IoT and 10+ years of experience in renewables. In 2012, he received a Solar Energy Management qualification at the University of Shanghai. Since then, he has taken part in over 100 renewable energy projects across the world.

Andrei joined ScienceSoft’s in 2021 to enrich our IoT team with his practical skills and knowledge of the domain. Andrei’s key responsibilities include evaluating customer business needs and determining how IoT software, hardware, and infrastructure can meet these needs.

Andrei promotes using data analytics and data science in IoT projects, which helps deliver end-to-end, “vertical” IoT solutions that can cover everything from hardware to applications to drive tangible improvements across entire business systems. Also, Andrei adheres to a “small steps” approach to IoT development, ensuring prompt hypothesis testing and quick service results due to using open-source IoT ecosystems and low-code development. Andrei has already participated in ScienceSoft’s projects in the fields of energy, home patient care, and connected factories.

In 2022, ScienceSoft’s IoT team including Andrei won one of the six grants offered by the Polish government for the energy sector. The wining project aims to develop and launch a green energy solution at an agricultural enterprise in Moldova, helping it optimize the energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

In ScienceSoft’s blog, Andrei shares his expertise in IoT solutions.

There’s no such thing as a standalone IoT solution. IoT solutions are always a part of a bigger system aimed to meet specific business needs via automation of operations, processes, and systems.

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