E-commerce Application

e-commerce application


An E-commerce application developed by ScienceSoft Inc. is a fully functional e-commerce solution that makes whole or retail selling/buying a pleasant Internet experience.

It takes advantages of a robust architecture, gives a consistent friendly look and feel with most Internet browsers, and is compatible with different databases due to the application of the Abstract Factory template.

The E-commerce application focuses on demands and requirements of five types of users.

The users include:

            1. Administrator

            2. Sales manager

            3. Order manager

            4. Delivery manager

            5. Buyer (incl. head buyer, partner)

The first four users manage the work of the application and orders made by the customer.

The e-commerce application gives a number of advantages to all specialists involved in the process of buying and selling (sales managers, delivery managers, order managers, etc.), as  it has the following features:

  • management of goods in the database by groups or by manufacturers' lists;
  • working with groups, reviews, properties, and prices for goods;
  • working with manufacturers, currency rates, and price algorithms;
  • working with news items, sales statistics, etc.

ScienceSoft’s specialsts implemented the library that parses media files conforming to 3GPP specification and that supports 3GP (3GPP), M4A and MP4 formats.

The official file format specifications were studied during the implementation of the project. However, some features of 3GPP audio files were not covered by specification. Thus, ScienceSoft team performed extensive research of the format of widely used features in order to implement support for them in the library.

During the development process, the team paid special attention to ensure the library complies with the following requirements:

  • Resistance to corrupted or incomplete data.
  • Audio files were mostly downloaded from Internet, so data corruption could easily occur.
  • Graceful handling of unknown data.
  • End-users' devices could contain other 3GPP files (video files) that were out of scope of this library.

The E-commerce application also provides a range of useful features for buyers:

  • online search for products in the database, by a group, manufacturer, special price or using special search engines;
  • the possibility to order goods from the site straightforwardly and securely;
  • search for and read available product reviews and news.

Technologies and tools

Java, MySQL, MS Windows, NT/2000/XP, Linux/Unix, Tomcat, J2SE, WinCvs, Ant, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JavaBeans, JSP, HTML/DHTML, HTTP, IntelliJ IDEA.