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The end Customer is a non-commercial EU government agency that provides and regulates nation-wide public transportation services through contracting, sub-contracting and licensing of commercial vendors (bus, rail, taxi). This authoritative body is also responsible for consolidating the national public transport network, integrating the ticketing system, and collecting statistical data, among other statutory and non-statutory functions.


As part of a larger strategic project to integrate the entire national transportation system and convert the portfolio of its web services into a comprehensive source of public transport information, the Customer was looking to introduce a customized CRM system that would automate its sales management functions.

To support the Customer’s team, ScienceSoft joined the project as a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner that has been successfully working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2008.


Augmenting the project team with a CRM consultant and several .NET developers, ScienceSoft contributed with all-round consulting and customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM according to the organization’s precise requirements.

This large-scale enterprise solution was designed to accommodate the ever-growing customer base of the agency’s partners, sub-contractors and licensees. Its advanced functionality included

-sales automation

-full-scale management of new and existing customers

-data export from Microsoft Excel

-workflow notifications

-analytics and reporting


The new business-to-business CRM solution helped the nation’s major authoritative body responsible for public transportation to fully automate its sales force tasks and processes.

Overall, the system helped to enhance the agency’s customer base management and acquisition capabilities, increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual routine, and optimize interaction with its base of commercial transport operators.

Technologies and Tools

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, .NET (C#), Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011