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Don’t let these Magento issues undermine your online business

There are critical Magento 2 issues that can cost you a fortune if not addressed in time. This article is going to forewarn and forearm you against them.

Magento shopping cart – optimization tips for better conversion

Underestimating the importance of a Magento shopping cart, one risks losing potential customers at the checkout.

Magento payment gateways and their role in ecommerce

A deep insight into the online payment process - how Magento payment gateways work and how to choose the right ones for a business.

Ecommerce marketing tips to rock your online business

More customers, more revenue. Learn how to employ efficient ecommerce marketing strategies for online business success.

How not to get lost in Magento product types

The use of different Magento product types, though an absolute must for most ecommerce projects, can cause confusion, especially among novice entrepreneurs.

Magento configurable product: how to manage it correctly?

What is specific about pricing, promotions, inventory management and delivery of Magento configurable product.

How to use Magento customer segmentation for smart online store management

Owners of Magento online stores can benefit from a powerful marketing and sales tool – behavior-based Magento customer segmentation.

In search of an effective model to measure customer experience

Customer satisfaction surveys may be not enough to measure customer experience against truly relevant factors. Here is the alternative.

CRMC 2016: interview with Valerie Isakova, ScienceSoft’s head of sales and business development USA

On June 15-17 Valerie Isakova, ScienceSoft's Head of Sales and Business Development USA, joined high-profile guests of Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) in Chicago. We sat down with Valerie to discuss CRM consulting for retail based on the takeaways from this thought-provoking event.

Retail trends 2016: bite-size takeaways from Retail Technology Show USA

Back from a visit to Retail Technology Show USA 2016, we compiled this year’s retail software development trends in one bite-size guide.