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What Magento misses to excel in email marketing

The absolute majority of Magento store owners choose third-party services for email marketing campaigns. Let’s find out why Magento out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t meet their needs.

Magento theme development – does your business need it right now?

Each ecommerce project has a starting budget. We explain how to choose a website theme and meet the budgetary line. It turns out that Magento theme development is not the only option to create an appealing web store. Though, it is definitely the best one.

One, two, three, four - Magento checkout options to convert more

We guide ecommerce players through Magento checkout options. Don’t hurry to pack your web store with plugins – the functionality is rich out of the box!

Micro-influencer marketing for ecommerce - macro benefits and hidden pitfalls

Our overview of micro-influencer marketing explains why ecommerce companies embrace this emerging trend and what pitfalls they can encounter.

The real power of Magento-CRM integration

A Magento web store is a goldmine of valuable customer information. Learn how to use Magento-CRM integration to make the most of it.

Magento 2 migration guide – when benefits justify the effort

Our overview of Magento 2 migration explains the process: what pitfalls one can face and what advantages ecommerce businesses can get as a result.

Don’t let these Magento issues undermine your online business

There are critical Magento 2 issues that can cost you a fortune if not addressed in time. This article is going to forewarn and forearm you against them.

Magento shopping cart – optimization tips for better conversion

Underestimating the importance of a Magento shopping cart, one risks losing potential customers at the checkout.

Magento payment gateways and their role in ecommerce

A deep insight into the online payment process - how Magento payment gateways work and how to choose the right ones for a business.

Ecommerce marketing tips to rock your online business

More customers, more revenue. Learn how to employ efficient ecommerce marketing strategies for online business success.