ScienceSoft Is an AWS Partner in IoT and Big Data

Partnership with Amazon Web Services

Our Approach

We are proud to be an AWS partner and help our customers drive their businesses with AWS services. Our offer builds on wide experience in big data and IoT services. With 31 years in traditional data analytics, 7 years in big data, and 9 years in IoT, we help enterprises build and adopt scalable and reliable IoT solutions based on AWS IoT services.

Highlights About ScienceSoft

Big Data Consulting Services

Our big data consulting experts will help you to convert AWS historical and real-time data into actionable insights. We start every project with a detailed analysis of our customers’ business specifics and requirements to deliver tailored big data solutions based on AWS. Among numerous technologies, we suggest the options that make the best fit for our customers’ immediate and long-term needs. As a reliable AWS Select-Tier Partner, we ensure a seamless implementation, high-quality maintenance and proactive support of the solution.

IoT Consulting and Development Services

With AWS services, we help companies get IoT-enabled benefits, such as:

  • Better insights into the real-time state of smart things.
  • Advanced data analytics and predictive analytics.
  • Remote control of smart things.

We cooperate with big and small enterprises across multiple domains and deliver IoT solutions for industrial IoT, smart cities, smart supply chain management, smart, connected products, medical IoT, and more. We help companies create an IoT project roadmap, align business objectives and an IoT solution, choose the most suitable technology stack.

We base our solutions on the flexible and scalable AWS IoT architecture to support the operations they should perform: from gathering sensor data to advanced analytics and machine learning with AWS tools. We also provide the integration of our customers’ IoT solutions with the IT systems they already use.

Reasons to Choose ScienceSoft among AWS Consulting Partners

Potential of big data

We help our customers release the potential of IoT and big data and get actionable insights by delivering the solutions that cover customer analytics, industrial big data analytics, business process analytics, and fraud prevention techniques.

Cloud-based and in-house solutions

We develop both cloud-based and in-house solutions for B2B and B2C.

Wide stack of big data technologies

Our team masters a wide stack of big data technologies that covers distributed storage, database management, data processing, graph processing, machine learning, and relevant programming languages. Here is the list of selected technologies: HDFS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, MLlib, Amazon Machine Learning, Java, Scala, and Python.

AWS IoT architecture

We have deep understanding of AWS IoT architecture and help companies choose most suitable AWS IoT services and align them to create the products that effectively solve business problems.

Solutions portfolio

Our portfolio includes the projects for Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Advertising, Telecoms, and more.

Service Geography

Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, we serve our customers regardless of geographic locations or time zones.

Let Us Help You Bring Your Ideas to Life
Our big data consultants and IoT specialists are ready to handle the projects of any complexity to meet your business needs. Feel free to contact us, we are open to communication 24/7.
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