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Akeneo Bronze partner

  • Akeneo Bronze Partner
  • Active projects involving integration between Akeneo and enterprise systems
  • 15+ years in ecommerce development with a vast and diverse portfolio of fulfilled projects

With ecommerce development being one of our priorities, ScienceSoft sees its mission in streamlining the performance of businesses worldwide. Having implemented a number of diverse projects, we see the importance of centralized product data storage and management. As an Akeneo Bronze Partner, we promote the idea to retailers and help them translate it into real benefits. The collaboration with this robust PIM system allows us to apply the expertise to complex ecommerce projects, with a primary focus on omnichannel retailing. We know that ensuring the consistency of product data coming from several sources can be challenging. As an Akeneo partner, we are here to help.


Backed up with relevant experience, ScienceSoft ensures smooth integration between enterprise systems and Akeneo. Retailers who complement their work with this PIM software benefit from:

Data consistency

Data consistency. Omnichannel retailers look for efficient ways to manage information coming from ecommerce, a point of sale, a mobile application and print catalogs among other possible channels. With Akeneo, the product data is organized in a consistent and orderly way.

Holistic product profiles

Holistic product profiles. A product is stored in Akeneo system with comprehensive related information: marketing (description), media (images and videos), technical (specifications, guides, instructions) and user (reviews) data.

Simplified workflow

Simplified workflow. Retailers may deal with tons of product data like hundreds of thousands of SKUs or seemingly infinite number of product images. On top of all, the information may be scattered across different departments. A single source of truth ensures timely updating product information in all places where it is used, eliminates a possibility to enter the same piece of information repeatedly and facilitates the search significantly.

Well-balanced workload

Well-balanced workload. Do you see your employees struggling with loads of Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets? Leave the paperwork in the past! As an Akeneo partner, we see companies breathe a sigh of relief when the processes of collecting, organizing and editing of product data get automated. With PIM being a great helper, they ensure their employees work on more creative and demanding tasks.


We adhere to the principle of an individual approach to each project as two businesses are never exactly the same. Integrating a PIM system, we must be sure that all business requirements are met. Akeneo partnership allowed us to study the system in great detail, and now we have a holistic picture of what we can offer to our customers. However, our ecommerce experts are enthusiastic to learn further and dive deeper into PIM potential.


As an Akeneo partner, we appreciate the possibility of the PIM system to streamline day-to-day product management for various businesses. Focusing primarily on omnichannel retail, we expand the list of target industries with:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Banking.


The headquarters and the heart of ScienceSoft is McKinney, Texas. But a different geographical location and time zone of our customers can’t affect the quality and timeliness of our services. We ensure effective communication with our team members whenever agreed.


Proud to be an Akeneo Bronze Partner, we look forward to bringing all the advantages of efficient product information management to you. Don’t be left alone to stand against disordered data or consequences of incorrect integration – let our consultants set things straight for you right now.

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