Java 2 EE

Online Reservation System

The objective of the project was to implement a multilingual online customer center for a hotel with the help of which one can book conference rooms to hold events. More

Collection Management System

Collection Management system is an application that makes it easier to share corporate data and manage organization work flow across one single platform. ScienceSoft's challenge in this project was to integrate the information from different departments of the customer company and to make the process of online buying and selling a pleasant experience for its users. More

Customer Relationship Management System

The Customer Relationship Management system was seen as the most appropriate solution to solve numerous issues the customer was facing. The customer started experiencing delays in processing new business opportunities, sharing information between sales managers and other departments, and managing the rapidly growing clients' database. More

E-commerce Application

An E-commerce application developed by ScienceSoft Inc. is a fully functional e-commerce solution that makes whole or retail selling/buying a pleasant Internet experience. More