Solution for Media Agencies

The customer has a unique package, combining modeling services, consultancy and software for communication specialists and media agencies. He wanted to make the solution available on mobile devices. More

The Endless Racing Game

The “Endless Racing Game” is the first ever multiplayer racing game that exploits the new peer-to-peer technology for iPhone to build a continuous racing track so that the car jumps from one device to another. After finishing one level the game continues on the iPhone of another person. This is a remarkable example of an interactive phone game developed by ScienceSoft. More

Your Nutrition Matters

Your Nutrition Matters is an application that provides you with the nutritional value of some products and most suitable diets for people with a certain blood type. Besides, you can get the information about a number of calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and glycemic index for a product that you are interested in. More


The customer had an iPhone application that was able to communicate via loopback VoIP means. The customer wanted to embed full VoIP services into this application. They requested an iPhone prototype application that woult provide VoIP dialing & call handling from the application. More

Music Store

Music Store is an offline music shop for mobile phones. Music Store is a unique application, as it differs from many analogues. More