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Система централизованного управления бизнес-процессами

Для повышения эффективности управления сложными бизнес-процессами в рамках централизованной системы, Заказчик запросил переработку устаревших приложений, создание новых модулей для инвойсирования и продаж а также их интеграцию. More

Центр разработки и технической поддержки для CambridgeSoft

Компания ScienceSoft стала восточноевропейским партнером CambridgeSoft's и основала центр разработки и технической поддержки. More

Appointment Book

Appointment Book is a standalone medical appointment scheduling software designed to manage information flow within a health institution. More

Medical Portal

Medical Portal is a portal developed by ScienceSoft specialists which provides worthy information and medication advice related to fitness & health. More

Centralized Invoicing System

The invoicing system is a centralized solution that covers a number of the company's business activities. More

Purchase Order Tracking System

The Purchase Order Tracking Software is designed to help manage purchase accounts by keeping track of purchase related data with Vendor, Item, Location, and Contact details More

Your Nutrition Matters

Your Nutrition Matters is an application that provides you with the nutritional value of some products and most suitable diets for people with a certain blood type. Besides, you can get the information about a number of calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and glycemic index for a product that you are interested in. More

Quality Management System for Medical Images

ScienceSoft's major challenge in this project was to develop a
standalone application that could provide a comprehensive approach to quality management in medical imaging. More

Charm Control System

Charm control software is designed to analyze the chemical composition of substances. The software has various functions for carrying out chemical tests. More

Quality Management System Datacenter

Quality Management System Datacenter helps manage QAISys SA customers, collects results of their activities and handles billings automatically. More